Site Update: April 2014

Houston Dragon

Houston Dragon's Ultima Scrolls


"The Avatar is no more..."

The once noble lands of Britannia are no more... for in their place lies a ruined shell, forsaken of Virtues, cast beneath our shattered remnants. Rumor has hounded these troubled lands, fed along its path through hatred, fear, and despair. In centuries past, Avatars rose to challenge these evils, called forth to save and heal the wrongs, but there has been no sign of these saviors for far too long.

Only distant memory and bardic fancies serve to remind those of Britannia's noble and troubled lore. In ancient days past, scholars watched the night sky for signs of what was to come. Once again, portents have appeared in the heavens, speaking of a Hero's return, a world's redemption, and a destroyer's fall...

Site Update: April 2014


Coming Soon! (I promise :)

- Houston Dragon